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Online Radiotherapy Monitoring Conference 2018

25th April 2018 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

This meeting which will explore the current and future patient benefits of implementing all types of online monitoring techniques and technologies for Radiotherapy Treatment

Only a mere 20 years ago, you could be forgiven for thinking radiotherapy patients did not move and their tumours did not change during treatment! We know this because radiotherapy treatments were set up to external fiducial markers and treatment delivered with no, or little, image verification. Treatment borders were large and required no further validation. However whilst treatments were effective, side effects were prevalent.

Wind the clock forward to 2018. The demands on the radiotherapy delivery system have increased significantly with the introduction of new techniques and technologies. Tumours are no longer considered square and static, margins are tighter and there is a real need for validation and verification of treatment in real time, on an individual patient basis.  Online monitoring is therefore becoming a desirable feature to be fully incorporated in modern radiotherapy, as a means to avoid errors, verify treatment delivery and highlight changes in machine performance. It also plays a major role in adaptive treatment where imaging can inform not only positioning but also the need for re-planning.


Institute of Physics & Engineering in Medicine (IPEM)
01904 610821


Central Manchester – Venue TBC