Hey! Check out our new website.

We think it’s exciting because we have spent a lot of time making sure you can find what you are looking for or get in touch with us really easily.

Imaging Equipment Limited was always a bit of a mouthful, so we are going to stick to “IEL” going forward. The values remain the same, meaning you can always count on our friendly, helpful service, however you choose to get in touch.

At IEL, we recognise you do some incredible things! So, our focus is allowing you to be the best you can be, through support, advice and technology, which enables you to excel in whatever role you are in. Our aim is to make your lives easier so you can continue to do a great job. When procurement teams have low budgets and high demands, and when researchers and healthcare professionals are busy, we work with you all to reach a solution that suits everyone.

So…how can we help you? Have any questions? Just want some advice? Get in touch via the Contact Us page and we will get right back to you.”

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