Sun Nuclear ArcCHECK and 3DVH

The Benchmark for 3D VMAT QA

ArcCHECK detectors are always facing the delivery beam regardless of gantry angle.  The detector geometry relative to the BEV remains constant.  Detection of very small gantry angle errors is possible. In contrast, when a 2D array is irradiated obliquely, the geometry collapses to 1D.  Even when there is no detector shadowing effect, significant information is lost on a 2 array and errors up to 10% are missed 75% of the time. ArcCHECK® is the only true 4D array specifically designed for QA of todays modern rotational deliveries.

The ArcCHECK is the world’s most selected independent 4D measurement array. Simply connect the single cable which supplies both power and start to measure.  No background measurements, no warm-up, no separate inclinometers, no additional hardware rotisseries.

At its heart are over 1300 SunPoint Diode Detectors providing consistent and highly sensitive measurements for all gantry angles, with no additional hardware required. Independent absolute dose measurements enable the gold standard for stringent and efficient patient plan and machine QA testing.

Phantoms are ideally shaped like a patient. The cylindrical design of ArcCHECK intentionally simulates patient geometry to better match reality, measuring completely around the isocenter in a uniform manner for each angle is a more stringent measurement than a simple composite dose at the isocenter. Errors visible in the isocenter are also visible in the surrounding dose measurements, but in more detail