C0-57,100 uCi

RadQual’s Spot Markers are reference sources manufactured by gravimetric transfer of a Co-57/epoxy mixture and checked by ion chamber for content.

Right and Left Markers aid in patient orientation for both SPECT/ and Planar Imaging and denotes Left and Right side of image.

  • Nominal activity is 33 uci left marker and 66 uCi Right marker.
  • Activity concentration in uCi per mm is equivalent in both markers
  • Disc dimensions are 2 inch diameter (2.54 cm) and 0.25 inches thick (0.63 cm).
  • Disc is backfilled with epoxy to seal in activity
  • Sources shipped with Technical Data sheet that includes Radiation Safety Recommendations and LeakTest Results.

All sources are shipped in appropriate shielding for storage and transport and should be used only as directed by your organisation.