The Magphan® Quantitative Imaging Phantom was developed with physicist Richard Mallozzi, Ph.D., to provide detailed mapping of image distortion in MRI images.

The phantom contains an array of precisely positioned polycarbonate spheres. Comparing known and scanned sphere positions allows for a highly accurate distortion map to be created. The Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) study selected the Magphan® EMR051 to monitor the MR distortion to control their study which involves critical volume measurements. The Magphan® Quantitative Imaging Phantoms continue to be widely used in neuroimaging studies where distortion monitoring is critical in fields such as autism and Alzheimer’s research.

With the increasing use of MR scanners for radiation oncology planning and guidance concerns about distortion effects and their impact on treatment planning and delivery accuracy. Several white papers by Dr. Rich Mallozzi outline the sources of MR distortion and residual distortion after MR distortion corrections.The Magphan® Quantitative Imaging Phantom provides the ability to quantify the effects of distortion on these critical processes.