Fully 3D Photoacoustic Computed Tomography Scanner

The Nexus 128 is the only commercially available fully 3D photoacoustic imaging system. Fully 3D imaging provides increased sensitivity, isotropic resolution, improved image quality, faster scan times, and higher throughput. Tomographic images of optical absorption are generated using endogenous and/or exogenous contrast. Photoacoustic CT is suitable for contrast enhanced and molecular imaging applications through the use of near infra-red absorbing dyes or fluorescent probes.

Easy to Use Graphical User Interface

  • The graphical user interface (GUI) is easy to use and guides the operator through system startup, database management, scan acquisition, volume reconstruction, and transfer of the data to the analysis workstation.
  • The integrated database keeps the data organised and is easily sorted by user, study, specimen, and exam.
  • The database is particularly useful for multi-user centers and longitudinal studies.

Data Visualisation and Analysis

  • The 3D photoacoustic data are transferred from the Nexus 128 to a workstation for viewing and analysis.
  • Data on the workstation have the same structure/organization as the Nexus 128 scanner
  • Separate workstation allows investigator to analyse data while another operator is acquiring data
  • OsiriX viewer has powerful built-in tools
  • Endra provides OsiriX plugins for application specific quantitation.