Quest Spectrum™ Platform.

Fluorescence guided imaging for open and laparoscopic surgery.

Diagnosis through imaging is becoming more and more important. The Spectrum Platform is able to simultaneously show the colour picture and the fluorescent overlay. This can be done without switching, making it a valuable tool in precision surgery and diagnosis.

The camera system is always used in combination with a fluorescent dye. The agent most widely used at the moment is ICG and to a lesser extend Methylene Blue. Both are non-targeted probes but have a wide range of applications such as in oncology, cardio vascular and plastic surgery. Showing the surgeon pictures that were invisible until now.

The targeted probes, being able to highlight specifics such as different kinds of tumours or nerves, are in the process of being approved, taking cancer surgery to a new level.

The surgeon can see a real-time view of the tissue he is looking at and at the same time the fluorescence signal overlay of the blood flow in (micro)vessel or organs, sentinel lymph nodes, tumours or nerves, depending on the fluorescent agent used. The system can be used for both open surgery and minimal invasive surgery by using an easy to switch lens and laparoscope.