The Benefits of 3D Bolus Software


3D Bolus software modules enable cancer centres to 3D print patient-specific bolus and other radiation accessories based on the prescribed treatment plan. Their Simple Bolus, Modulated Electron Bolus and HDR Surface Brachytherapy modules provide the following benefits to cancer centres:

  • Custom-fit bolus reducing the amount of air gaps, improving treatment accuracy 
  • Provides a simple and cost-effective approach to Modulated Electron Radiation Therapy (MERT)  
  • Algorithms calculate a custom bolus surface that allows for tailoring of the dose distribution
  • Conforms the electron prescription isodose to the PTV, sparing healthy tissues below  
  • Conformal and homogeneous dose distribution can be achieved even in the presence of tissue inhomogeneities 
  • 3D printed Brachytherapy applicators are able to subtract hollow catheter trajectories to allow free movement of the source. 
  • Higher quality care and improved patient experience 
  • Reduced setup time and decreased resources (staff and equipment) required for the fabrication of patient-specific accessories.