IDENTIFY by HumedIQ – available through IEL in the UK

IDENTIFY is a cost effective system that provides independent verification of the patient’s identification, set up and movement during radiotherapy treatment through the use of barcode/RFID solutions, surface scanners, sensors and patient tags, ensuring the right patient is in the right location with the right setup.

  • Integrated with the EMR system, the system ensures the right setup for each individual patient. Using an RFID reader IDENTIFY automatically recognises patient and accessories for treatment. Incorrect patient/accessories means no treatment, ensured through an interlock system.
  • The system verifies the individual positions, angulations or inclinations of all immobilisation equipment as well as the table position from initial setup right through treatment. No treatment can take place unless everything is correct.
  • The system continuously monitors the surface motion of the patient, both from head to toe and also on a region of interest using two cameras. Any unwanted motion outside of the threshold will cause an instant beam switch off.
  • IDENTIFY can be used for SGRT. Both DIBH and gating techniques are available both using highly advanced marker-less technology.
  • IDENTIFY uses a very unique palm reader check-in device that ensures it is the correct patient being treated.

Full circle quality assurance

IDENTIFY minimises manual data entry through integration with OIS. IDENTIFY supports a “zero override” culture: even though overrides are allowed, they are recorded and reported.

At the end of each session a PDF document is generated to ensure the easiest documentation flow.

  • IDENTIFY is manufactured by HumedIQ and distributed in the UK by IEL.TG147 Compliant
  • Auditable Processes
  • Zero Overrides
  • Minimal Manual Data Entry
  • Automated Session Protocols

IDENTIFY is manufactured by HumedIQ and distributed in the UK by IEL.