Agatha is an image quality phantom used for constancy testing of digital breast tomosynthesis systems.

Agatha features & tests:

  • 45mm thick slab of PMMA (160mm x 220mm)
  • Features for testing missing tissue from chest wall (30% fatty / 70% glandular tissue)
  • 4 nylon wires for testing Line Object Spread Function (LOSF).
  • Perpendicular nylon wire for testing Signal-Difference-to-Noise-Ratio (SDNR).
  • Tilted Tungsten wire for z-direction sensitivity profiles (ZSP)

3 spherical inserts for testing:

  • 3D MTF (3 and 5mm dia. 30% fatty / 70% glandular tissue material)

System geometry

  • tomographic motion
  • Reconstruction effects on SDNR and ASF (0.5mm dia. Al sphere)

Agatha includes

  • Phantom with positioning aid
  • Hard protective case