Careonline your 24/7 patient triage application: Collect Patient Reported Outcomes

More Patient Involvement, Save Time and gain Outcome Knowledge:

Careonline is a system from HumediQ that allows regular communication with the patient, and assists in gaining knowledge on patient reported outcomes throughout the radiotherapy treatment process and beyond.

Careonline allows more patient involvement.  It is an interactive process allowing for regular contact to assist in a higher quality treatment pathway.  The application saves staff and administrative time, as appointment notifications and medicine reminders are efficiently communicated to the patient through the app.

Custom questionnaires are then created to gain the hospital further knowledge on patient quality of life and compliance with treatment regimes, providing outcome data that is valuable for studies on treatments. Clinicians can engage with patients whilst they are away from the trust and also provides the patient with the peace of mind that even whilst they are aware from the hospital they are still being cared for.