Dido 2000K

The Dido 2000K is an X-ray Multimeter for service and quality assurance.

The Dido2000K diagnostic dosimeters are compact multi-functional measuring systems.  They measure time, dose and dose rate in addition to kV and pulses.

The Dido200K offers the optional possibility to output data via a USB interface.  A historical analysis of the exposure and the logging of the measurement results is therefore a much more easy task. The unique measurement functions show how versatile the measuring system is and how it can be used in a wide range of applications.

There are a number of  applications including, the possibility to evaluate total tube filtering or the simultaneous recording of exposure and the exposure time. There is a possibility to directly measure the dose length product (DLP).  This is a central characteristic of the QUART Dido2000K. This feature makes the dido an ideal tool for technicians or manufacturers of dental devices.  The DLP is recommended as a reference for panoramic devices. This provides users with considerable technical advantages.