Precision Survey Meter for Beta-, Gamma- and X-Ray Source Detection 15 keV – 2 MeV

The QUART didoSVM survey dose meter is designed to detect beta, gamma and X-ray sources of very low intensity. Its modern design as well as premium technology underline the meter‘s strong performance within its scope of work. QUART‘s survey meter features an excellent energy response to measure radiation rate and dose from X-ray, beta and gamma sources. The meter detects leakage and scatter radiation around diagnostic X-ray equipment as well as in radiation therapy environments. The detector of the QUART didoSVM is compact and light-weight, thus making handling the meter a breeze. As its technical concept is based on solid state technology, the meter provides all the advantages connected with this approach: fast response time to radiation, reproducible measurement results and accurate detection of signals against background noise. Radiation is detected from leakage, scatter beams and pinholes.


Although base unit and detector are separated, both may be combined magnetically to carry and use the meter with one hand. The detector can be mounted on a tripod or a telescopic extension to allow measurements in heights up to approx. 3.5 meters above the ground. The didoSVM is equipped with a backlit display to assure swift readings even in darkened environments. To provide the ability to track dose rate characteristics, the dose rate is refreshed continuously on the meter display while the measurement is running.