The ECTphan™ Phantom is a cylindrical, liquid filled container with a variety of tests for quality monitoring of single photon emission tomography (SPECT) systems.

The phantom can be used to evaluate the following SPECT system parameters: reconstructed uniformity, spatial resolution, low contrast resolution, pixel size, slice width, and center of rotation (COR). Additionally, the ECTphan™ Phantom data is suited for computer based analysis for the system parameters listed above.


  • The phantom lends itself to a number of user configurations
  • The phantom has an end plate with 4 threaded holes (one in the center and three in a radial pattern) that can be filled with fillable ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ solid low contrast inserts.
  • The contrast inserts can be replaced by plugs when not needed or to increase the uniformity area.
  • A point source holder can be positioned at the phantom center for measurements of PSF, MTF and center of rotation.

The test plate can also be removed easily to create a larger uniformity area.