Main Features

Elliptical Jaszczak phantom with elliptical body shape.

Main Applications

  • For use with high spatial resolution SPECT and PET systems
  • Evaluation of data acquisition using non-circular orbit
  • System performance evaluation over larger field-of-view (collimator, artifacts, calibration reconstruction parameters)
  • Study of the effects of regional variation in intrinsic system response using uniform portion of the elliptical cylinder
  • Evaluation of the accuracy of body contour and attenuation compensation algorithms
  • Study of spatial resolution variation within the field-of-view using portion of insert containing variable sized rods
  • Evaluation of lesion detectability using portion of inserts containing multi-sized spheres
  • Study of the effects of finite spatial resolution & Compton scatter on image quality
  • Acceptance testing
  • Routine quality, assurance and control
  • Research