The PET revolution

Karl 100 is the smallest and safest radiopharmaceutical dose administration system available on the international market. It has major benefits in not only operator safety but patient safety too in a user-friendly, flexible device. The handheld injector – rad-inject – allows for easy handling and improved peace of mind of the patient.


  • Keeps radiopharmaceuticals sterile
  • Your patient is never connected to the multi dose mother vial: there is no risk of patient-to-patient contamination. Single dose injectors are automatically connected to the main disposable set within an isolated vented box with a HEPA filtered atmosphere.
  • Incoming activity from multi dose vial is filtered through an in-line 0.22 micron filter. No risk of an overdose
  • The use of mini single dose injectors avoids any possibility of an accidental dangerous overdose.


  • No hazardous manual operations
  • The lead pot, containing the multi dose vial, is automatically uncapped by the system, ensuring full radioprotection of the operator during the mother vial loading.
  • Karl100 is also provided with a built-in GM tube, for continuous on-line dosimetry monitoring. Remote control of the system, by use of a commercial tablet, is also (optionally) available.


  • Continue to use your standard shielded containers
  • Karl 100 can handle and automatically uncap any major lead pig and vials brands/models: there is no need for your radiopharmacy to drop their standard mode of operation.
  • No limits for supplied activity concentrations
  • Karl100 is capable of drawing all of the source vial activity up to the last drop! And, Karl100 performs an automatic dilution of the main activity, assuring precise dispensing even for an extremely high incoming activity concentration.


  • Carry only 1Kg mini-injector!
  • There is no need to carry heavy shields each time you inject a dose: the operator may carry only light and portable mini-injectors to each injection room (user-friendly), allowing dose preparations and multiple infusions simultaneously (time-friendly) and reducing patient anxiety during dose administration by using only these very compact individual mini-injectors (patient-friendly).