Magphan® phantoms are designed to perform a wide range of precision performance evaluations of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scanners.

The Magphan® SMR170 has a conventional cylindrical housing for test groups and manufacturers who base their performance specifications on cylindrical phantoms. It has a removable end plate for internal access. The acrylic cylinder has an outer diameter of 20cm and an inner diameter of 19cm.

Test Cube:

Both the cylindrical and spherical Magphan® use a 10cm test cube for image quality measurements. Manufactured from 6mm-thick polycarbonate plastic the test cube has an outer diameter of 10cm. The test cube contains the slice thickness ramps, sensitometry vials, a high resolution test plate and a low contrast disk.


The test cube plates can be assembled in the standard 2-D configuration, with dual opposed slice thickness ramps which allow operators to rapidly verify that the phantomʼs z axis is precisely aligned perpendicular to the imaging plane. Nylon screws hold the unit together, allowing you to change test plates or cube sides into a 3-dimensional configuration. The 3-D configuration allows x, y, and z slice geometry measurements to be obtained from a single data acquisition