Designed with the American College of Radiation (ACR) to test FFDM system performance.

  • ACR Digital Mammography Phantom
  • Detect microscopic objects that mimic small structures in the breast
  • Evaluate artifacts over the entire detector with a single image
  • Reduce backscatter and equalize attenuation

Comply with EUREF2, MQSA and ACR. The Mammo FFDM Phantom is the new ACR accreditation phantom for quality assurance (QA) in digital mammography (DM). It was developed in cooperation with Gammex, the innovators behind the ACR Mammography Phantom (Mammo 156™ Phantom)—the gold standard QA solution for breast health. Gain Efficiencies and Image Quality. Perform image quality, artifact detection, uniformity and Contrast to Noise Ratio (CNR) tests using the same window width (WW) and window level (WL). The Mammo FFDM Phantom simulates radiographic characteristics of compressed breast tissue, including micro-calcifications, ductal fibrous structures and tumor-like masses. Identification of these small structures is essential to the early detection of breast cancer.