The New Benchmark for 2D IMRT QA

  • 1,527 SunPoint® 2 Diode Detectors
  • Highest detector density
  • Largest active field size

the Patient

MapCHECK 3 is the next evolution in the MapCHECK family–the world’s most chosen 2D array.

MapCHECK 3 provides the highest detector density, smallest detector size, and largest field size of any 2D array for IMRT QA. Over 1,527 SunPoint® 2 Diode Detectors measure only 0.48 mm each, and measure up to a 26 x 32cm field. SNC Patient™ software allows rapid analysis of QA measurements against plan.

Features & Benefits

  • 2D patient plan QA
    • Conventional IMRT and 3D conformal
  • 1,527 SunPoint® 2 Diode Detectors uniform throughout the array
    • Smallest detector (0.007 mm3)
    • High sensitivity
    • Less drift
    • No dose volume average
  • Field Size: 26 x 32 cm
  • Real time electrometer measures every pulse with 50 ms updates
  • Includes SNC Patient software
    • Compare measured dose to planned dose with a single click
    • Compare relative or absolute dose data using Distance-to-Agreement or Gamma Analysis
  • Quick and reproducible isocentric measurements at any gantry angle with IMF or GMF