Quality Control for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Systems.

Evaluate image quality and quantify targets in reconstructed planar images. Thoroughly test Tomosynthesis system performance. Comply with developing protocol, including EUREF1, IEC2 and AAPM Task Group 245. The Modular DBT Phantom by Gammex was developed in collaboration with medical physicists to support quality control for Tomosynthesis and Digital Mammography systems. A range of simple to complex targets are precisely placed within tissue-equivalent breast material that is 50% breast-glandular and 50% breast-adipose. This uniquely flexible phantom design helps ensure efficiency across systems and test types. It can be used to evaluate Mammography and Tomosynthesis systems.


  • Save time and simplify Tomosynthesis QC.
  • The Phantom is designed for acceptance testing, routine QC and research.
  • Automatically align to the chest wall for reproducible tests.
  • Assess image quality and artifact detection using the DBT Phantom configuration for Image Quality.
  • Move test objects closer to or further from the detector without tools.