Automate Your Patient QA

Manage your entire Patient QA workflow and quantify the impact of any treatment variation. DoseCHECK™ and PerFRACTION™ are part of the SunCHECK™ QA web platform, giving you access to this powerful resource from any browser within your clinical network.

Patient QA—from Secondary Calculation to Pre-Treatment QA to In-Vivo Monitoring

DoseCHECK and PerFRACTION offer a practical way to make your Patient QA more meaningful and efficient. Export the DICOM files from the TPS, deliver the treatment plan, either for pre-treatment QA or daily treatment purposes, and the data and/or image files are automatically captured and analysed.


Fraction 0™ — 2D/3D Pre-Treatment QA

Pf Graphic 1

IMRT QA with the independence and peace of mind
of EPID measurements, or using log file data

Fraction n™ — 2D/3D In-Vivo Monitoring

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QA for every treatment fraction to catch the most common types of errors — those associated with the patient — as well as machine errors.


See a top level summary of your Patient QA, then drill down.

Dashboard & Patient List

The DoseCHECK and PerFRACTION Dashboard summarises all data for each machine for a given time period. The Patient List provides a complete list of patients, with easy to interpret clinical workflow phases and pass/fail status.

Patient List & Event Summary

Selecting a patient presents a summary of all QA results, shown as Events, for that patient, including DoseCHECK, Fraction 0, and Fraction n. Select any Event to view and investigate point dose, 2D and 3D results for that Event.

Point Dose & 2D Planar Analysis

Composite and per beam point dose comparisons, with beam parameter and fluence displays. Results for a 2D QA task, automatically calculated for each beam and compared to the baseline image using pre-defined analysis settings. Select different beams and results update.

Note: 2D planar analysis is only available from EPID image data.

3D Dose Analysis

Results for a 3D QA task, automatically calculated onto patient anatomy and compared to the plan dose using pre-defined analysis settings. Scrutinize results based on 3D gamma per plan or structure.

Clinical Goal Analysis, Including 3D Gamma

Compare 3D dose outcomes to clinical goals with two levels of comparison: Ideal and Acceptable. Use pre-defined clinical goal templates, customise, or create your own. Track clinical goals from secondary dose calculation through pre-treatment QA, to each delivered fraction.
Use overall 3D Gamma analysis as a pass/fail criterion in addition or independent of Clinical Goal analysis.


Compare patient QA results across any number of machines. Easy to read graphs display trend lines relative to custom tolerances.