60% lighter, 60% thinner and – as with all RadQual products – 100% guaranteed.

Bench/mark™ and RadLite™ flood sources are available in a wide range of activities for both circular and rectangular shaped gamma camera detectors. Contact your Bench/mark™ and RadLite™ flood source dealer for help in determining which product will best suit your needs.

Why Radlite™ Flood Sources?

RadLite™ flood sources are 60% lighter, 60% thinner, and 100% guaranteed.

Why Bench/Mark™ and Radlite™ Flood Sources?

Guaranteed: Quality and performance.
Guaranteed: No “hot” or “cold” spots.
Guaranteed: 100% of the UFOV is measured to assure uniformity.
Guaranteed: <0.08% combined Co-56/Co-58 radionuclidic impurity.
Guaranteed: Get at least 100% of the referenced activity in every source.