Sharpen your skills in mammography needle insertion for stereotactic breast biopsy procedures.

  • Multiple radiopaque lesions support variety of uses
  • Skin-like resistance to needle insertion.
  • Easily compressible within a biopsy instrument.
  • The automated stereotactic breast biopsy procedure depends on several variables for accurate needle placement.
  • Physicians and technologists use the this disposable phantom (model 164A) to become proficient and confident in performing these procedures, and to check performance accuracy of the stereotactic biopsy system.
  • Multiple radiopaque lesions are imbedded in the Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Phantom.
  • Solid gel lesions sized between 2 to 5 mm for practicing core biopsies.
  • Liquid dye lesions for fine needle aspiration.
  • Clear gel encased in a soft vinyl for easy compression and a skin-like resistance to needle insertion