UltraiQ is a five minute quality assurance software tool for ultrasound transducers. Multiple large scale assessments of transducers have proven that up to 40% of the ultrasound transducers in clinical use are damaged. With the use of UltraiQ, these defects could have been detected and resolved at an early stage. Misdiagnosis due to a damaged transducer has also occurred.

With its easy to use interface and compatibility with numerous national and international guidelines for QA, the software tool is a must-have if you want fast, standardised and strictly objective quality assurance. UltraiQ was developed in house by Cablon Medical B.V., and the development of the software program continues constantly as new methods and guidelines become available.

Reproducibility and automated vs. manual measurements

To date, three independent studies have documented the reproducibility of UltraiQ. Every single one of these studies has found that the reproducibility of the measurements is excellent. The Mayo Clinic has found that the inter-user variance for the different measurements lies between 1 and 3%. Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust have found that inter-user variance lies between 0.1% and 3.4%. The Jeroen Bosch Hospital has found that the inter-user variance lies between 0% and 2%.

Without the use of software, the reproducibility of the measurement lies between 0.4% and 22.4%, so the use of software improves the reproducibility by a factor of 4 to 8!