Quest Spectrum™ Platform announced in the UK!

The Quest Spectrum™ Imaging Platform has been designed and developed for open and minimally invasive fluorescence image-guided surgery and has been exclusively brought to the UK market by IEL!

The Imaging Platform encompasses the Spectrum triple signal camera which is able to show the live colour image, as the natural image is overlaid with one of the two fluorescent images. The prism technology makes it possible to look through one lens and via identical light paths see the object on three sensors, which can be easily switched from the modus for minimal invasive surgery to open surgery, even during surgery itself.

The Spectrum Light Engine has been developed to deliver the visual (VIS) and near infrared (NIR) light used in both the open and laparoscopic mode of the product and together with the camera, the Light Engine determines which fluorophores can be imaged. The Spectrum Capture Suite is the image acquisition and manipulation program of the Spectrum Handheld System where you can visualise real-time fluorescence signals and record the video data. All of the information is then stored on the media centre (the computer that runs the capture suite software) and is connected via a bi-directional cable allowing for fast transfer of data, while 2 terabytes of storage stores the valuable footage for evaluation at a later date. All of the Quest Spectrum™ Platform is situated on the Spectrum Trolley which has been designed for ease of use and compact installation of all the equipment.

Want to find out more about the breakthrough technology, intraoperative fluorescence imaging? Quyen Nguyen has all the answers in her incredible Ted Talk on Colour Coded Surgery:

For more information on the Quest Spectrum™ Platform, type ‘Quest’ into the search tool.