The C-Qual M™ Breastboard by CIVCO – available through IEL in the UK

The innovative C-Qual M supine Breasboard brings a new level of patient comfort and diagnostic compatibility to CIVCO’s breast and thorax positioning solutions.  The board is made from an image-friendly, non-ferrous material compatible with multiple treatment imaging modalities.  Integration with the Monarch Overhead Arm Positioner provides a new, efficient approach for arms-up positioning, allowing proper superior/inferior adjustment of the board to the patient, helping reduce patient slide.

Monarch Overhead Arm Positioner is compatible with all MasterCast™ Pro and Posicast® Thermoplastic Head Only masks. The use of a thermoplastic mask allows for improved patient head positioning and immobilization during breast setups. When angled on a breastboard, the patient’s mouth can drop open and it is especially important to keep the chin and mouth stable and in position when treating upper nodes toward the neck region.

Features & Benefits

  • Image-friendly materials compatible with multiple treatment imaging modalities
  • Adjustable Monarch Overhead Arm Positioner increases positioning options for patients of varied torso lengths
  • Contoured cutouts in shoulder region help reduce attenuation during posterior axillary boosts
  • Dual function hand grips allow for enhanced wrist comfort and increased positioning options
  • Easy on/off latch system of the Monarch eliminates need for tools to make adjustments
  • Optical Surface Monitoring System (OSMS) compatible
  • Elevation Supports secure angles from 5 to 25° with nine different tilt positions
  • Compatible with the Breast Support Thermoplastic, Posifix® Headrests and Vac-Lok™ Cushions
  • Compatible with MasterCast™ Pro and Posicast® Head-Only Thermoplastic with the use of OAP120

Click on the following link to see the Breastboard in action:

This product is available in the UK through IEL and manufactured by CIVCO.